saosinchic (saosinchic) wrote,

holy fucking shit i havent written in this thing for months

HELLLLLO everyone thats right im back mother fuckers

lets see i just realized something tonight it changes everything pretty much

i realized that i dont kno any true genuine people who really truely care
and i thought i did but EVERYONE is the same
its true
what a shocker
everyone cares about them selves and thats it
im the only person i trust and depend on and it will be that way for the rest of my fucking life so dont think you will break me

i dont remeber the last time someone told me they appreciate what i put up with for them or how im always here to talk to even though i get left behind sometimes they always come back and guess what im always here picking up the fucking peices with u

i dont get why i cared so damn much about other people and tried to show that everyday
i hope u didnt think that i didnt hear the bull shit u muttered under your breath or ur hidden messages in your words everytime u opened ur mouth
but no i had to let that slide cuz im just too god damned nice
i let u leave ur footprints on me too many times

fucking recognize that shit is gonna change

when he/she leaves u in the dust dont expect me to be standing around for a fucking shoulder to cry on

wow i sound so mean but im fucking fed up im not putting up with peoples sorry bullshit anymore
i think it funny how much people use eachother. if ur my fucking good friend i could care less if u lived in a fucking card board box i wouldnt sell u down the fucking river for my own personal benefit

get rid of ur fucking rocks for brains and then i'll give u the time of day until then i could care less if ur lying in a ditch at my feet begging for forgiveness

ok im done

love the sweetest girl in the world and the only one who knows what the fuck shes talking about...
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